3d Crystal Photo Cubes And Other Crystal Keychain Gifts

3d crystal hearts create an array of sparkle that makes these fun keychain ornament’s a favorite with children and adults alike. Kids love to collect and craft crystal hearts as part of their Christmas or birthday party favors. Adults enjoy them as an inexpensive way to add sparkle to any accessory. They make a great decorative item for a baby shower or bridal shower.

A simple 3d crystal charm is just as enchanting as the more expensive items. The most elaborate and expensive ones are made using a high-powered laser. There are three common methods for 3d crystal photo transfer. They include:

Crystal Heart Shimmers – These are clear, heart-shaped crystal photo beads that look like real heart cells. They are placed on the nail and secured by a metal clip or Velcro. Because they are clear, they may not be visible through thick layers of frosting or other decorations. They are often used as favors for children’s parties.

Glass Photo Squares – This is the most common and simplest form of 3d crystal jewelry. It consists of several glass beads affixed to a magnet. The inside of the magnet contains the color of the glass beads. A thin layer of frosting makes the whole piece opaque. The advantage of this kind of 3d crystals is that they can be glued directly to any surface, while others need to be placed in an acrylic container first.

Personalized Photo Crystal Keychain – A personalized photo crystal charm made from crystal beads is a nice alternative to the more common glass keepsakes. Because it can easily be opened, many people choose to give these charms as gifts instead of traditional jewelry. Keychain necklaces are also popular keepsakes for children. Since these come in various charms, they are also good gifts for occasions like baby showers.

As you can see, there are many options available when choosing the right type of 3d crystal heart or other crystal photo charm. If you need something really special for a hard to buy for person, consider a 3d crystal photo charm etched with a photo. This makes the perfect gift because it is not only unusual but also very beautiful. When you want to impress someone special, consider giving a unique crystal photo charm that will make the recipient’s heart go gaga!

The next time you have to buy something for a special occasion, consider turning a photo into a crystal beaded charm or photo crystal heart. You can do this with either a standard or glass picture cube or even a 3d crystal photo cube. With a standard glass picture cube, the photo is just etched on the glass. However, if you want to impress someone special with something a little more unusual, why not turn the glass cube into a 3d crystal photo crystal heart? The heart is just one flat panel, so to create this effect, you will need two panels to accomplish this unique touch.

Another great option to turn your standard photo into a crystal beaded keychain is to purchase some 3d laser etching. 3d laser etching uses a special chemical that bonds colors together with light. Once you have the special chemical applied to your photograph, you can use a 3d jeweler’s machine to have your photo automatically etched into a ring, necklace, bracelet or any other piece of jewelry you want. This is a wonderful way to make special keychains for your loved ones with photos that mean something to you and are beautiful in their own right.