3d Photo Crystals

When it comes to giving gifts, there is nothing more personal and special than a 3d photo crystal of a family member or pet. When you are able to bring that photo to life with the use of a 3d photo crystal and the right software, your gift will not only be cherished but will be remembered for a lifetime. The possibilities of using this type of gift are endless. Whether you are looking for something to commemorate a wedding or baby shower, an engagement or anniversary or retirement party, you will be able to create the perfect memory with a 3d photo crystal.

The process of 3d photo crystal gifts begins with an image, text or graphic. You will need to upload this to a computer first and then use the appropriate software so that you can engrave it on the surface of the glass. 3d photo crystal gifts can be made into whatever form you need them too. The glass can be etched so that it has a raised image or it can be imprinted with a word, logo or a graphic. The final product can be a 3d projection of whatever you have engraved onto the glass.

Engraving techniques can vary with the type of product you are trying to give. One of the easiest is called laser etched 2d printing. This is done by dipping the glass into the chemical ink that is used in laser printers. A pattern can be set up on the surface of the glass. The laser etched 2d 3d crystal can be designed around the pattern using the ink roller. The result will be a crystal that is highly detailed and which has a brilliant reflective finish.

Another engraving technique is called stamping. This method is done by using a roll of metal that has been moistened and then laid over the surface of the glass. This is the same as the method that is used for etching but with a much smaller area to work with (the x 2.55 inch machine).

There is also another method known as spray coating. In this method, a special acrylic liquid is applied onto the surface of the 3d crystal using a float. This is a very effective method when dealing with very small details. The crystal can be etched into designs and images just as with laser etching or stamping but this method leaves a small edge around the whole object which can be smoothed using a low grit sandpaper.

In the last few years, there have been many improvements in the 3d photo crystals that are available. A number of companies now manufacture 3d crystal engraving machines that are capable of engraving both text and diagrams on a large number of surfaces. There are also some interesting ‘machines’ that are currently being sold on the market that are supposed to be able to produce 3d images with a high level of detail. Some of these machines cost around one hundred dollars and are targeted at businesses who are involved in industrial painting and decoration. If you are interested in 3d photo crystals, you may want to see what is on offer at this time in order to get your hands on the best crystal engraving solution.